Online Courses – Multiple Students

Training Management Program for Employees

Manage multiple students within your company from one central location.

The WMA Training Management Program enables Managers to:

  • Add students and edit their profile information
  • Purchase course credits
  • Assign courses to students
  • Track individual student progress.

World Millwork Alliance is able to pass on volume discounts to WMA members who purchase blocks of credit hours at one time. Member discount is given off of our retail price at different credit/package levels. You will not need to enter a Promotion Code. The system will automatically apply the volume discounts once your Member ID# and WMA User Name is validated when entered below, before you proceed to checkout.

If you are not an WMA member and wish to make bulk credit/package purchases, please contact World Millwork Alliance directly at (727) 372-3665 or e-mail mail@worldmillworkalliance.com.

The bulk discounts for credit hours purchased are for an individual purchase. Credit hours purchased in separate transactions do not accrue towards a bulk discount.
Bulk Purchase of Credit Hours Member Price Discount
50 - 200 credits 5% Off
201 - 400 credits 10% Off
401 + credits 15% Off


Getting started is easy. Simply add the desired number of online credit hours to your shopping cart below, add your WMA Member ID# and WMA User Name, view your cart, proceed to complete the Trainer's Profile Form, and proceed to checkout.

The bulk discount is automatically applied and reflected at checkout. You then will have immediate access to add students and assign courses.

TRAINING MANAGERS: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER: Be advised that you have 12 months from the day you purchase these hours to use them to assign courses to students. Any hours not assigned at the end of the 12 month period will expire. The student has 12 months from the date you assign him/her a course(s), to complete the assigned course(s). After the 12 month period the course will become inactive.

WMA MEMBERS: Enter your Member ID # and WMA User Name to receive the Member Price
Member ID: InformationInformationMember ID To locate the Member ID #:
  1. Log into the MEMBERSHIP PORTAL, using the WMA username and password.
  2. Click on MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD located in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on EDIT BIO
  4. The Member ID is the first field in the Account Information section
WMA Member User Name:

If you are a WMA member, you can find this information in your WMA Dashboard.
Purchase Credits.



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